Ascent 71 – Middle Name Pride Day

Today’s first is acknowledging my middle name. March 6-12 is International Celebrate Your Name Week. Each day is devoted to some aspect of your name. Today, March 11 is Middle Name Pride Day. The mission was to tell at least three people what my middle name was. I confess I didn’t do that – but I will tell the world in my blog post. My middle name is Stuart.

I’ve had it my whole life and I rarely use it. On the occasional legal form or when I asked, I do happily share it. It’s not that I don’t like it – I actually love my middle name. I just never really feel the need to include it.





  1. of or relating to the royal family ruling Scotland 1371–1714 and Britain 1603–49 and 1660–1714.


  1. a member of the Stuart family.


And, the definition from the Urban Dictionary –

A Stuart (or Stu for short) is the name of a cocky bastard who has good reason to be cocky. The term originated in Toronto around 2003, it is unknown exactly as to who started the term but it is commonly accept that the term was originally used to describe Stuart Allan

I must admit I like the first definition better, as my lineage is Scottish. Now you know my middle name. And that I’m proud of it


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