Ascent 70 – International Day of Awesomeness

An awesome first today – acknowledging the official day of awesomeness. As my friends BarBara & Terry pointed out, EVERY day is a day to show up in your awesomeness. They are, of course, right. Yet it’s cool to have an official day as well to be uber-awesome.


NorrisThe day was created by Kevin Lawver who was having a really un-serious convo with friends on how awesome it would be to have a day devoted to awesomeness. March 10th was chosen as it’s the birthday of Chuck Norris. Not actually him per se, but rather the awesomeness of the myth that is Chuck Norris. Chuck is overall a pretty awesome dude and does deserve this honor.

I started my day with the intention of honoring this auspicious occasion. I posted a banner on my Facebook page and asked my friends how they would be awesome today. I got the usual great responses from the people who do live their awesomeness every day.

I chose to be me and just do what I do best. Which is being me. It hasn’t been an easy day, as I had a myriad of computer issues to deal with. I dealt with them the best I could with no human casualties and the verdict was that it was overall, an awesome day.

To me, the real champions of awesomeness are those who get up every day, put a smile on their face and keep going no matter what.


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