Ascent 69 – Waze The Bronx

I regularly travel the infamous Cross Bronx Expressway as I travel from Queens to New Jersey. The distance between the two bridges on either side of the Bronx is 4.7 miles. It often takes over 1 hour to get across – on a 3 lane expressway. I would love to meet the person who called it ‘express’. Anyways, it is what it is and I am one of those people who don’t get stressed in traffic. I have my Zen music, audio books, teleseminar recordings and awesome friends & family I can chat with.

It’s a pretty vanilla route: come in on the Throgs Neck Bridge and meander across the delights of the Bronx until you get to the George Washington Bridge and cross into New Jersey. At which point, the traffic disappears and you’re driving at normal speeds again.

2016-03-09 20.42.21

Today traffic was at a near standstill and it was obvious something major had happened. As much as I love my new Rogue, I didn’t want to spend too much of my life idling away in the urban jungle. Sue had told me many times about a phone app called Waze that would navigate you around accidents and other vehicular issues. I opened up the app, type in my destination and it told me to exit in 1200 feet. This was going to take me off highway and into the streets. An adventure begins.



I had 1200 feet to make an exit of the expressway. I made it and was happy to instantly pick up speed. I was now faced with a horde of kamikaze commuters doing the same thing. Trying to find the most expeditious means across the city. I dutifully followed the Waze commands – which were in a soothing female voice as it took various twists and turns. These drivers are truly insane. I had multiple near misses as people made life or death surges to be the first and to get ahead.

Then, Waze directed me back on to the Expressway. I was a little dubious albeit had chosen to trust the device. I slowly merged back on and crept pass the accident that had everything backed up. Then, the roads were open and normal driving resumed. The accident just looked like a multiple-car fender bender and there were no paramedics on site, which was a good thing. (If I were going to start a business in New York, I’d open a collision repair shop.)

Overall, I was impressed with the way this app got me out of a lengthy wait, around a trouble spot and then back into clear driving. I will use Waze a bit more often.


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