Ascent 67 – A New Relationship With Time

TimeA first today with an old friend – time. Time is probably the most precious resource that any of us have as once it’s gone, you can’t get it back. I’ve long been a fan of living in the moment, inspired by books like Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now.

Like many, I do find the time is my greatest opportunity in that it is often in what feels like short supply and I’m not able to get done all the things I intend / want / need / etc. This is, of course, a fallacy as there is a fixed amount of time in each day – the same amount of time in each and every day. We have the exact same amount of time in our day as the wealthiest, most successful, most fit, happiest, most peaceful people on the planet.

My current schedule is rather full and feels like it provides limited opportunities for that which I feel are more important to me. I think that this happens to help us learn the value of our time and to utilize it the most effectively. Ie: If I have umpteen things on my list, and only so much time, which would be the most fulfilling or beneficial to use the precious time on? So many of us also tend to go for the ‘priorities’, the things we think have to be done and omit that which we want to do – the things that make life fulfilling.

I was taking a time out today (pun intended) and had an awareness of my relationship with time. This was a profound moment as it became apparent I was looking at time as a commodity, a resource, and not a valued asset in my life. All relationships need attention & nurturing to thrive and be mutually fulfilling. Why would time be any different? Instead of asking what is the best use of my time, how about if I turn the question around and ask how time would want to be utilized? This can be right now, next couple of hours, this day. It also presents an opportunity to practice intuitiveness as the answer to the question would be felt within. I practiced the concept on this evening and was rather impressed with the initial results. Everything gets better with practice – including our relationship with time.


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