Ascent 66 – You Go Girl!

The first today was in Huntington, NY – a quaint town in Long Island. (Incidentally, where the bulk of our yoga teacher training was held.)

2016-03-06 16.19.58It was a bit Spring-like today, so I went to the trusty Google to see what events or activities were happening on Long Island. I found the You Go Girl! Exhibit at the Heckscher Museum that was a celebration of women artists.

Needed a little exercise first, so headed for LA fitness for some cardio, stretching and time in the hot tub. After a delicious light lunch of Bangkok Curry at Noodles & Company, we headed east. After a brief (and obligatory) stop at Starbucks, we arrived at the museum. It was a delightful setting, at the entrance to a park.

It was a relatively small art display with 4 gallery chambers. The variety and quality of the artworks was amazing. Some artifacts were from the late 19th century and others were a bit more recent. The show depicted the variety of styles, concepts, materials and meaning that art represents.

After the exhibit, we strolled around the lake for a few minutes then got back into the car to head back to Queens. We made a brief stop in the town of Cold Springs Harbor for a cup of coffee and an apple turnover before concluding the trip.

It was a great reminder of the treasures that are right under are noses that don’t require a long trip or excessive cost.


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