Ascent 65 – Restorative Yoga By Sue

Today’s first was attending a restorative yoga class led by Sue at NNOWW Fitness in Little Neck, New York.

Sue Pose

We began at home with prepping the music playlist, selecting World Yoga and the best of Enya. The playlist was created in iTunes just fine albeit the Mac didn’t want to allow export to the iPhone. A quick call to the wonderful Apple support folks and we were in business.

Restorative yoga is a gentle sequence of moves that are performed more slowly with more emphasis on the breath. The poses are typically not extreme moves and are intended to relax the body and bring restoration to the mind, body and spirit. Definitely a blessing in the pressure cooker world of New York City.

We arrived as the Zumba class was concluding. (That will be a first for me in the near future).

Sue set up at the head of the room and I set my mat off to the right so I could hear. My hearing aids are being repaired and it’s amazing how much more peaceful you are when you can’t hear much.

Betty, the owner’s mum who was managing the front desk, was invited to join the class and she happily grabbed a mat and claimed a spot. A vision impaired lady arrived with her seeing eye dog. The dog settled down on the mat by the door and she put hers down next to me. Our friend Ella arrived shortly afterward, having just completed an 8 mile jog. She also has an injured right shoulder. She is truly amazing.

Sue started the class with a 1 minute guided meditation, then led us in a sequence of gentle moves, with emphasis on the breathing and holding the pose to allow the optimal benefit. Restorative yoga is a great modality for those who are recovering from injuries or who are simply looking to disengage from the stress and chaos.

After the customary seated spinal twist, the class concluded with a generous Savasana, accompanied by another guided meditation.

A great first class for Sue and we celebrated in true New York style with a slice of pizza. Ommmmm


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