Ascent 63 – Fish & Chips Twice

FandcA first today for one of my favorite meals: Fish & Chips. Growing up in England and Wales, I have a penchant for that classic British fried staple. Every time I go home, I pay my respects at a chippie, savoring every morsel of that indigenous treat.


Living in the United States, a good fish & chips was hard to come by. Until I came to NYC. There’s an authentic British fish & chip shop in Greenwich Village. There’s a couple more in the area albeit I haven’t made the pilgrimage there yet.

Today, however, I was in East Rutherford New Jersey and went to a local diner with a couple of guys from my office. Guinness Fish & Chips caught my eye and my selection was instantly made. A few minutes after placing my order, I had the recollection that we were doing fish & chips for dinner tonight!

My order was probably already underway, so I opted to let it ride, knowing that my British genetics could handle the consumption of this quantity of empire fare.

The food arrived and it was a heaped mound of perfectly fried fish on top of golden french fries. I asked for the traditional malt vinegar and was in culinary bliss.

I got home a little after 7:00pm and was ready for round two of this delight. A different take, prepared at home versus the restaurant. The same energy & excitement gripped me as mealtime approached. The tartar sauce and malt vinegar were brought to the table, followed by the plates with tonight’s bounty. Phase two of British noshing was equally as delightful.

Probably not the best dietary choices to move me closer to my six pack & beach body albeit a most satisfactory experience.

Carry on.

Fish and chips


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