Ascent 61 – Honoring the Body

An interesting first today. I have a practice of acknowledging all aspects of myself and seeking guidance that is for the collective greater good and higher purpose. This includes my inner child, ego, current self, higher self, future self and other facets I may not be aware of.

This evening, while sharing energy with my friend & fellow energy worker/healer, Melissa, it came into my awareness that my physical self was not part of the acknowledgment! No wonder I wasn’t as diligent with my yoga practice and self-care as I aspire to be.


It felt like this needed to be rectified promptly, so the Physical Self was added to the line up of known selves. Additionally, I felt compelled to ask my body for forgiveness for not honoring it as I should have.

It was an empowering exercise as I feel more in alignment and am proceeding with all aspects of self aligned and inspired for the collective benefit. After all, we’re in this together.


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