Ascent 59 – A Day Unplugged

For my first today, I chose to go off-grid and not use any electronics. No smartphone, no computer, no social media, no TV and so forth. I posted the intention yesterday on Facebook and received good feedback and encouragement for the venture. This morning, I opted to act.

When I woke up, I promptly turned my phone off. I normally turn on the Roku & TV to play Zen Garden on Pandora as I burn incense and do my morning centering routine. Today, it was just the incense.

It has been a rather refreshing day today. I focused on some project activities and got some great ideas documented. I found myself more tuned in to inner guidance & intuition as my awareness was not getting fragmented & diverted by an onslaught of messages on a multitude of disparate topics.

I did turn my phone on briefly while I was camped out at a Starbucks in Long Beach NY while Sue did some work duties. It was solely for her to reach me if needed and to coordinate meeting up. Shortly after, it was turned off again.


While at Starbucks, I did read my Kindle for a while. I didn’t consider this a violation of the ‘off-grid protocol’ as it was not interactive and, to my mind, was the same as reading a physical book.


When I got home, I prepared dinner and after cleaning up, prepared my work clothes and did some more coloring in Amy Scott Grant’s Patterns of Purpose coloring book.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed being unplugged today and will add it to my weekly self-care regimen. I will redefine the rules to allow things such as listening to music via Pandora. I was reminded of what Thich Nhat Hanh said about activities such as watching TV (or most anything): Be Mindful. If there is no tangible value to an activity, why allow it in your space? I will practice this with everything.


2 thoughts on “Ascent 59 – A Day Unplugged

  1. I love this entry Mark. It’s so relatable to those of us who have become part of the online world. I’d be interested in learning more about how long it took you to put the social media out of your mind. Also it is interesting that you don’t feel a Kindle counts. Depends upon the purpose of this exercise as to what could be included when one speaks of unplugging. Very inspiring. Thank you.


    • Thanks Gizelle
      It did take a while to not have it in my mind as I’m very connected to my online tribe. Plus I’m an IT guy so using technology is a natural thing
      I rationalized the Kindle as reading was one of the activities I wanted spend time on and that is the sole purpose of that device


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