Ascent 58 – Nolan’s Baptism

The first today was attending the baptism of our friends – Ella & Ed – grandson Nolan. The young man had just had his 2nd birthday, so it was a dual celebration.

Sue and I joined the family and friends at the Cure of Ars church in Merrick, Long Island. The town of Merrick has a great atmosphere and it’s always refreshing to visit their. Especially in the company of great people.

2016-02-27 11.25.28

The service got underway and Mr. Nolan, like most 2 year olds, wasn’t content with just sitting still and wanted to have fun. He did great throughout the formalities and received his baptism well.



After that, we headed for Ella & Ed’s home, where a wonderful spread awaited. We assisted with the final preparations to ensure everything was set out and heated properly. And then, the celebration began. The buffet was wonderful, with several of my favorites in plentiful supply. My intentions for a rippling six pack were put on hold for the day as I enjoyed sharing this food and company with great people. There was plenty of coffee and jelly beans also, which further contributed to a wonderful experience.

After the meal, it was time for Nolan to open all his birthday/baptism gifts. He was excited as each one was opened and a new treat presented. He promptly found his favorite and proceeded to play with that for the remainder of the afternoon.

What a great lesson for all of us – find your favorite something and play hard.


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