Ascent 57 – Political Musing


My first today is expressing myself politically. I typically tend to keep my views to myself and have no desire to engage in the arguing in the public forum. Today, I shared a perspective on my FaceBook wall and got some great responses. And, of course, some interesting ones. Here’s the post I shared:

I rarely post anything political for obvious reasons. I want a President who understands, honors and commits to the Constitution. “We the People” is a simple concept. I want a President who will take tangible action to improve & preserve the environment and eliminate nuclear weapons. This is our only home. Rather important we care for it now. I want a President who favors peace on the globe and not create the next war that a generation of our kids will suffer in. And I want to see those who already served given the respect and care they deserve. I don’t care what the denomination or affiliation is. Such labels tend to segregate us, not unite us.I don’t care if a candidate made a mistake in the past. I care that they are open and honest about it and are committed to not repeating it.Finally, I love the adage “Promote what you love rather than bashing what you hate”. It’s all about moving forward.

This is my first year of being able to vote in a Presidential election. I had the great privilege of becoming an American Citizen in 2013. I must admit the current field of candidates is rather disheartening. Yet, I am a firm believer that I must do my part or I will be a part of the problem.

At this point, I have no idea who I will cast a vote for. I confess that my values have been more on the conservative side in the past. Yet, I cannot vote with good conscience purely on a party denomination.

My simple hope is that the “United” part of USA is re-established and opens the door to global one-ness and community.


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