Ascent 56 – Two Old Goats


For my first today, I tried a rather awesome liniment: Two Old Goats Essential Oils Lotion. My shoulders & neck get a bit stiff and achy, probably due to too much time at a steering wheel and a keyboard. I see a chiropractor once a month who attempts to wrench my head from my body and actually has me feeling much better.

When Sue and I went to Charlotte for Chris & Christine’s wedding last Halloween, her Dad told us about the lotion. Sue had recently had a knee surgery and was keen for anything to ease the discomfort. He handed us a sample bottle and, intrigued by the name, learned a bit about it.

It’s a vegetable glycerine base with goats milk and 6 essential oils. Developed a few years ago by Karen Pharr, a professional quilter and fabric artist who frequently had dry, chapped, tired hands after long hours of work. Other products were oily or stained the fabric, so her quest for an ideal lotion was born.

Sue swears by it and uses it daily. I, however, had not tried it so a first experience was in order. I applied it generously to my neck and shoulders, It instantly felt soothing and had a very pleasant odor. Shortly after application, it stopped tingling and my I felt much less discomfort. I was pleasantly surprised with this product and will certainly use it again.

If you like to experience it, check it out at


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