Ascent 55 – Curry & Co

A delicious first tonight: Food from Curry & Co. Last weekend, as the weather was nice, Sue and I went for a walk down by the strip mall. About 1.5 miles. On the way back, we stopped to look at a bus schedule and walked into a restaurant to get some quarters.


It was a brand new place and that all-too-familiar scent hit me. Curry! It was a new franchise that was essentially Indian fast food. All the favorites were there. Tandoori, Vindaloo, Samosas, Nan, Basmati Rice and more. You basically put your own meal together from whatever is available and slip into a curry nirvana.

We didn’t actually eat that time as we had just had lunch albeit we took menus and vowed to return soon.

We were going to have a couple of frozen Indian entrees for dinner tonight and Sue stopped by Curry & Co for some bread. And came home with Samosas, Dal and Basmati rice. Which was basically a meal by itself. I set a bowl on each plate and filled each halfway with rice. Then topped them up with the dal. A Samosa on one side and a half slice on naan bread on the other completed the dish.

The food was simply amazing. The samosas were perfectly cooked and were not greasy. The Dal had a bit of spice to it that was just enough to make the dish tantalize the taste buds. It was a perfect dinner – just enough to fill us up and not feel like we overdid it.

Will definitely return there soon to sample the rest of their offerings.


Chicken Tikka Rice Bowl


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