Ascent 52 – Guardians of the Galaxy

My first today was finally watching a movie my son Chris has recommended numerous times: Guardians of the Galaxy.



I have been a Sci-Fi fan as long as I can remember. Starting with Doctor Who and Star Trek in the 60’s (Yes, I’m that old), Star Wars in the 70’s, the classic low-budget British series Blake’s 7, and a multitude of other series, movies and books. The concept of space travel, other worlds and species has always captured my heart and my imagination.

I love the Marvel franchise and all the movies they have been producing recently: Iron Man, Captain America, The Avengers and … Guardians of the Galaxy.

The story starts in 1988 with a boy being picked up by an alien spacecraft after the demise of his mother. Shortly thereafter, he is shown as a man flitting between worlds, collecting artifacts and crossing paths with various interesting characters. Most of whom don’t have his well being at heart. After he procures a particular object of great interest to several unsavoury peeps, the fun begins.



I won’t spoil the plot with too much details. The movie overall was spectacular. The imagery, the effects, the characters, all of it fit together so well, producing an amazing cinematic experience. You truly couldn’t tell the digitally-created aliens from the real ones.

The dialog of the characters was engaging and often humorous, keeping the whole experience upbeat and riveting. Overall, simply an amazing movie and well worth a watch.


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