Ascent 51 – Fixing Windows 10

A first today thanks to our beloved Microsoft. I finally succumbed a few weeks ago to the bombardment of requests to upgrade my laptop from Windows 8 to 10. I’m not keen to jump on new versions of Operating Systems as they are often buggy and need a little time in the field to become stable. (Can you tell that I’m a recovering IT guy?)

2016-02-20 17.40.28The new OS installed cleanly and didn’t seem that different in the desktop mode, which I used the majority of the time. Except it seems have a problem with the version of the all the software I’ve loaded. The programs run albeit keep throwing compatibility warnings. Hey, I’m not looking for a relationship, just want to use my computer in peace!

A day or two ago, I noticed I couldn’t get out of desktop mode to the slick app UI. Not a biggie as the majority of what I do is in the desktop. Still something was clearly wrong and problems left untreated will result in a system that won’t start.

Soooo – I changed into my IT superhero persona. And, no, I don’t put my undies on over my pants. Then commenced to do the diagnostics. A new OS is always interesting as they tend to modify everything so a mere mortal has no clue where to start with resolving issues.

I started with the basics – full antivirus scan and TuneUp Utilities. The latter is an awesome suite of tools that corrects the registry, browser problems, start up issues, conflicts and defrags the hard drive. If you haven’t been defragged lately, you don’t know what you’re missing. The AV did identify a threat, which was banished from my environment. The utilities found a few anomalies that were also rapidly resolved. I checked my start up application list and found a few items that were launched when windows starts that I either didn’t recognize or would rarely ever use. And disabled them from startup.

Now the moment of truth … the restart. Would my reputation be preserved? Would Bill Gates get the last laugh. I held my breath as the system shut down and restarted. The desktop screen came up – still missing the icons that alerted me to the issue. I waited a little while for the initial activity to complete, the screen blanked – then came back with all the icons in place and the functionality restored.

You lose this time Windows 10!


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