Ascent 49 – Art of the Coffee Selfie

2015-10-16 19.40.40

I’m no stranger to coffee and certainly not a first timer at selfies. Today was a first at inviting people to share coffee selfie pics with me on Facebook.

The selfie is iconic in this current generation. Granted photographers have done self-portraits since the pinhole was devised, yet the capability to instant high quality pics with a mobile device has transformed the culture.



Savoring coffee in the sunshine. Because I can

It felt like a worthy venture to honor the ancient tradition of coffee imbibing with the new era ritual of the selfie.

I picked out a delightful pic of me quaffing my java from a Dunkin Donuts New York mug and posted it proudly on my Facebook profile, inviting others to do the same. A couple of peeps played along, posting their coffee / selfie creations, and other friends shared their comments and support.



Life is waaay too short to not have fun and to drink crappy coffee.


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