Ascent 47 – Why A Year of Firsts?

2015-12-29 21.11.35

My first today will be to write about why I’m doing this year of firsts. A good friend of mine, Cindy Lauderdale Moore, started a blog January 1st, 2014 and committed to doing something new everyday and then blogging about it. ( She had read the book, I Dare Me by LuAnn Cahn, which is all about the exercise of revitalizing your life by choosing something new everyday.



I watched as she blogged every single day in 2014, writing eloquently about some first experience. (And she is still blogging daily!) I became fired up to try it. I got a copy of the book and loved reading it. That was last Fall. The New Year was coming and that felt like the optimal time for me to start this process.

I established the blog and, commencing January 1, became open to first experiences and started blogging about them. It is indeed an energizing exercise. Once you start looking for new things, you are amazed with how many things are not new and that you have already experienced them – which instantly helps you realize how amazing your journey already is. The first experiences don’t have to be radical. They can be something as simple as ordering different food from a favorite restaurant, watching a new TV show or not doing something you regularly do. It’s empowering to break a pattern, to step into the unknown. I’m getting fired up to reach higher, to start going for firsts that truly go beyond my comfort zones and take me deep into the uncharted territories of my journey.

There are some firsts that I have on a list, waiting for the right opportunity. Ie: A Day Without Coffee. Yes, it is going to happen. Other firsts are more spontaneous. Often, I start the day with the first in mind. Other times, I go through most of the day before I get the hit of what my first will be for that day.

If you’re feeling like your life has lost a bit of that spark or that you’re on autopilot all too often, I highly recommend getting a copy of the book and starting your own year of firsts. You will be amazed at how your energy shifts and who know what opportunities will present from this new awareness?

Looking forward to that next first step.


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