Ascent 46 – Monday Mojo, Where Art Thou

I had the blahs this morning! Definitely a first for this Monday loving coach. Simply, I love Monday and what it represents: Fresh day, fresh week and fresh opportunities. There’s simply something clean and empowering about a Monday morning.

Have a dayFor some reason today, my Monday mojo just didn’t kick in. It’s not that anything is bad and I’m not sick. I just couldn’t get my jets lit first thing today. Perhaps it was something to do with the frigid, hurt-your-face weather over the weekend. Or that I jammed my index finger in a door yesterday and it’s not too comfortable today.

Or perhaps it’s just that I’m human too and my collective self does occasionally want to stay in bed with a comforter pulled over my head than to exit the cocoon at 5:20 in the darkness to start the routine going.

A couple of cups of coffee and a hot shower did help jumpstart some and, because it was a holiday, I made it across the Bronx in about a third of the usual time.

2015-08-08 15.09.06

I think this day was simply made for introspection and to just relax, let everything be and flow as it will trusting that everything is happening perfectly. And more coffee.

Overall, it has been a rather great day, despite the slow start.


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