Ascent 45- Appeasing my Inner Greek

A new food establishment was my first today. After a wonderful yoga class and Sunshine lecture on the Heart Shakra at YogaShakti in Queens, I rode shotgun with Sue as she took care of some running in not-too-nice parts of Queens.

When the stuff was done, we were both freezing and hungry, needing coffee and food ASAP. We headed into Astoria and parked, which is a Greek area. With dozens of eating choices around us, we headed into MP Taverna,which neither of us had visited previously.

It was a little more upscale than I was needing at the time albeit it was a wonderful establishment. The ambiance was pleasant and the wait staff were very engaging.

2016-02-14 14.57.23

The obligatory hot beverages were ordered up, and we scoured the menu for something that would be a good choice. Sue ordered the cast-iron skillet breakfast, which included eggs, bacon, Greek sausage and salad. I went for the loaded egg souvlaki sandwich. We were told the food would take a little while and asked if we would want an appetizer.



2016-02-14 15.25.43So, we ordered up the meatballs. They were actually Greek seasoned meatballs and were served with pita bread, tzatziki and lemon. As soon as I tasted them, I was taken back to when I lived in Cyprus. (I was there 1971-74.) It’s amazing how a simple taste could invoke memories. The pita also was authentic and again reminded me of the many multi-course kebabs and mezzes we had there.


Although the food was phenomenal, we were both unable to finish out dishes and brought some home to relive the experience tomorrow.



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