Ascent 44 – Google Plus Hangout

Google hangout

My first today was a fun exploration of Google Plus Hangouts with my friend Maureen Campbell. We’re working on a joint project to provide some unique insights & tools, which will be shared with the world soon.


MoMarkWe wanted to do joint video recordings and Google Plus seemed like the optimal choice. I have been a participant in such a session albeit this was my first time of being at the controls. I am a recovering IT guy and it seemed like it would be straight forward to get this set up and rocking. It took a bit of trial and error to get the Hangout set up and get Mo included as a participant. Once we got the formalities taken care of, we chatted back and forth for about 20 minutes, adjusting video details and getting in the flow of presenting together. It was an enlightening experience and, with a few tweaks, is going to be a great platform to present some of the material we’re working on.

We will share more on our project in the not too distant future.



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