Ascent 41 – My Inner Hobbit


Unless you’ve been living in a fiery chasm in Mordor, you know that I’m a bit of a Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fan. For my first today, I’m looking into how to build one of those quaint subterranean homes of the Shire.

Who can forget Bilbo’s house? Nestled into a hillside, with a spectacular round door. Inside, all the passageways continued the round modality, with lots of wood carvings and a wonderful stone fireplace.


I confess I found the whole concept rather appealing. Simple, quaint, low impact and fun. I love the idea of residing in such a place, and a roving band of warrior dwarves are more than welcome to come visit me. Providing they don’t eat me out of house & home.

I love the vision of such a space being a part of a like-minded community, as depicted by fellow journeyer, Cindy Moore, in her wonderful Rivendell Mind Movie.

So I googled ‘How to build a Hobbit House’ and was amazed by the extent of information there is on the topic. More importantly and how inexpensive and viable such a project is. I feel my inner Hobbit awakening and a house with a grass roof and a round door in my not too distant future. Who would come visit?

Hobbit house


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