Ascent 39 – Gong Xi Fa Cai

A first today in actually observing something that I’ve heard about every year for many years: Chinese New Year.

Chinese NY2

Today, February 8th, marks the first day of the New Year. This year, it is the Year of the Monkey, which promises to be a lot of fun and excitement. I am actually the Ox sign in the Chinese Horoscope, and the signs are that this will be a good year for me. Ox tend to be devoted to their work and think a lot. In this year, I think there will be some more fun and passion.

2016-02-08 15.24.30.jpg

I’ve long admired Chinese culture and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I had a past life in this amazing part of the world. I’ve a penchant for the cuisine and the signature dish of mine is Szechuan Chicken. As I grew up, I was fascinated with shows like Monkey, where the unscrupulous Monkey King was forced to assist the monk Tripitaka on his pilgrimage. Then the series the Water Margin, based on the classic work Outlaws of the Marsh. A great story where the souls of many warriors were released and they reincarnated to battle the evil that had overcome the land. I loved the movie The Forbidden Kingdom where a young American lad went back in time to join Jet Li and Jackie Chan on their quest to rescue the Monkey King from his imprisonment. I loved the line Monkey said to the boy when he was released: You have freed me, mortal. Now, go free yourself.

I’m observing this day and will celebrate all year by further exploring this amazing culture.


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