Ascent 38 – Coffee & Coaching

A first today, in NY anyways, was combining two of my passions. Coffee and coaching.

I was invited by a fellow coach that I recently met in this area to connect at the Panera on Hillside Ave in New Hyde Park, NY. I’m not famous for turning down coffee invitations, so I accepted.


Sharing energy with like-minded people is one of the energy sources that truly lights me up. The hour flew by as we discussed various coaching opportunities and concepts, interspersed with savoring a large cup of Panera dark roast.

2015-09-28 19.07.21

Happy Caffeinated Coach

People truly are my passion and you can’t have too many great people in your circle.

I was a tad bummed to learn the the Long Island Polar Bear club held their annual Superbowl plunge today. If I had known, I would have been writing about that today. Oh well, am on the list for next year.


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