Ascent 36 – The Non-Consultant

Since my arrival in the United States in 1984, the majority of my employment in IT has been as a consultant. Essentially, temporary employee hired for certain skills and proficiencies. In several instances, my contracts were extended or I received offers to hire in full-time.

In my current role, I’m an employee. Lately, the energy has been a little interesting and fragmented, and it seemed more arduous to bring things to completion.

Time to give my regards to Broadway

As I contemplated how to shift this and better channel the energy, I had the inspiration for my first: Show up as a consultant!

Essentially, this meant showing up with the mindset of being a contractor, showing up for the sole purpose of delivering projects effectively and not diverting energy on anything else in the environment.

Many years ago, I read the book Secrets of Consulting by Gerald Weinberg. An excellent read that offers the perspective that we all are consultants in some way. I loved the concepts and the catchy phrases (such as The Law of Twins). I drew on these insights as I showed up in consultant mode and I loved the outcome. It is truly amazing the difference a small shift in presence and awareness can make.



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