Ascent 35 – Semple Ancestral Home

My first today is digging into my family ancestral history. I’ve had strong ties with Wales my whole life as that is where my father grew up and where his family was. Yet, our origin is actually Scottish. My grandmother met my grandfather in Edinburgh and they then moved to South Wales.


Sempill Coat-of-Arms

The Sempill Clan has been known in Renfrewshire Scotland since the 12th century and the origins are a little obscure. Throughout the centuries, Semples featured prominently in Scottish history and skirmishes.

Semple Castle

Castle Semple

The original home of the Clan Chief was Castle Semple, which was later sold. The current home of the Chief is Craigievar Castle.


Craigievar Castle

Here I am living in the New York City and I’ve had the blessing of connecting with several Semples in this area. I grew up in Wales and England albeit never visited Scotland. I feel another first in the not too distant future to further explore my family history.


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