Ascent 33 – Random Reading

I’m a rather methodical reader. I read specific books, I read them sequentially and I rarely ever have more than 1 book going at a time. Since reading The Four Hour Workweek and being enlightened to the Low Information Diet, I further restricted my reading to the books that I felt most guided to read in the moment.

My first today was to get out of that regimen and randomly read. Pick a book at random, let it fall open and just read from wherever it was.

My hand found Fail Fail Again Fail Better by Pema Chodron. I picked it up and let it fall open. It was on page 102 and my eyes went to the center of the page, the section where the interviewer asked Pema if she could think of anything in her own life that would qualify as a failure. And, it was a revealing few pages. Actually was rather appropriate for me to read this evening.


I’m getting the vibe that I was guided to this first for a reason and that I need to add a bit more randomness into my methodical madness.


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