Ascent 30 – The Facebook Purge

My first today was an intentional purging of my Facebook associations. I love this community and have made many amazing friendships there. I receive daily inspiration and share energy with like-minded spirits globally.


I have no time for those that post anything I consider bigoted, negative or hostile. That doesn’t mean I don’t allow people to share their opinions, just the manner in which they do so. And, there are those who add me to pages/groups without asking and invite me to play games …

As Facebook tends to limit the quantity of items that make it to the newsfeed, eliminating the unnecessary will create more space for what matters.

As my journey progresses, I am evolving and thus my interests are too. There are several groups and pages I’m a member of that no longer feel congruent with who I am or the direction I’m traveling. Sooo … it’s time to lovingly release them and make space for those that are more in alignment to become known to me.

This is the first time since I joined that I reviewed all the affiliations and unsubscribed en masse. And, it is a rather freeing feeling.


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