Ascent 29 – Tai Chi Experience

For my first today, I was inspired to try some Tai Chi. I’ve long been a fan of the martial arts, especially the Chinese styles of Kung Fu. Tai Chi has long appealed due to it’s slow rhythmic movements, grace and poise. Not to be misunderstood, it is still a martial art and those moves practiced slowly can be performed with speed & power to deter an assailant.

I have never actually practiced Tai Chi, so I did a quick search on Amazon Prime, found Tai Chi Fundamentals for Beginners, moved the coffee table out of the way, put some incense on and prepared for my first lesson.

tai chi

The video features Tai Chi Master Jesse Tsao and starts with some footage of him practicing various forms – sequences of moves. Some involved weapons and most were empty hand.

I didn’t try to keep up with these sequences, instead opting to observe and wait for the tuition portion to begin. It started with the extreme basics – how to stand properly, how to maintain alignment as you turn and then basic moves for the hands. I loved how palms-in moves brought universal energy in and palms-out moves released un-serving energy from the body.

I followed along and practiced a few sequences that were simple moves of bringing the hands up, keeping them in alignment with the chest while rotating the torso and shifting the weight from one foot to the other as the rotation completed. The move was then repeated, which created a pleasing rhythmic motion that felt extremely natural. Remembering to breathe during the cycle is crucial.

I did just a brief practice albeit did feel energetic flow. I look forward to practicing Tai Chi again soon.

tai chi pose


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