Ascent 26 – A Flat Experience

My new Rogue stepped in to assist with my first today by giving me a flat tire. Of course, it’s not my first flat tire ever. It is however, my first flat in this car, my first flat in New York City and my first flat of 2016. Hopefully the only ones albeit will just have to take it as it comes, right?

All started out perfectly. I got in the car with my coffee and protein shake, put May It Be on, and backed out of the garage. Hooked up the other electronics I may need on the trip, selected the replay of last night’s monthly group coaching call, put sunglasses on and headed for the highway.

There was a light thumping from the front tire – like when you have a flat. My car has this cool display that shows all tire pressures.

Rogue Pressure

As left front was a little low, I guessed that I had picked up a nail or screw and that was causing the noise. I opted to keep driving and keep an eye on the pressure. Nothing changed on the 26 mile drive to NJ. All was good.

A friend called a little later and asked for pick up from bus stop. Within 40 yards, the remaining pressure went and it was flat. Picked him up, went around the corner to the gas station to air up and made it back to the office. Thankfully didn’t happen on the expressway or in middle of nowhere.

Lunchtime was my opportunity to do my Indycar pit crew impression. Finding the jack and spare in a modern car is interesting. Getting them out of their insanely compact cubby holes is something else.


Loosened the lug nuts before jacking and applied parking brake. Then commenced the extremely slow process of engaging the scissors jack and getting to where I could remove the tire. We have all this awesome technology. Why can’t they devise a jack that does the job in a few turns?

Compact spare was on, everything tightened up and more of life expended on lowering the beloved jack. As I was going to need everything again, it was unceremoniously tossed in the back until the flat is fixed and proper order is restored to the Universe.

Overall, was a pretty amazing day. Can’t let something as trivial as a flat dampen these spirits.


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