Ascent 25 – Shifting Affirmations

A brief post tonight on an interesting first – changing my affirmations. Like many on this spiritual journey, I know that mindset is crucial. And, that what we visualize, we realize.

And, all too often, many find themselves repeating the same affirmations ad infinitum, with nothing seeming to manifest. It was recently brought to my attention that the focus of the affirmation is crucial.

If there is something that you want, and you create affirmations around wanting it, you’re actually affirming that you don’t have it. And, guess what happens? You manifest more of not having it.

So, a simple shift is in order. To move from I Want to I Have. Thus, my first today, was consistently holding an ‘I Am’ space. The shift in the energy was amazing.

There is, or course, a bit more to it.




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