Ascent 24 – Celebrating Just Do It Day.

Today’s first was an observance of one of those esoteric special days that are acknowledged somewhere. (Google ‘what is today’ and you’ll be amazed by what comes up).

Typically, I tend to be more strategic and analytical when it comes to doing things. I’ll contemplate the task, the details, desired outcome, etc. and then get into action to implement the plan. I confess, I do sometimes get bogged down in the ‘paralysis of analysis’ and do a bit more thinking than acting.

But not this day! As Lord Aragorn said in The Return of the King:

A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends, and break all bonds of fellowship; but it is not this day! An hour of wolves, and shattered shields, when the Age of Men comes crashing down; but it is not this day!

Okay, that’s a tad dramatic. Just one of my favorite lines from fave movie and I had the urge to Just Do It.

Today, we were snowbound after the blizzard hit the NYC area. I had omitted to bring the snow shovels in from the garage around the back of the building and felt the urge to just do it. So, I bundled up and, when I opened the front door, almost retreated to the loving embrace of the couch with fresh coffee.

NYC Snow

But not this day. I committed to Just Do It, so made some rather ungraceful steps into the deep snow and began making a trail. Thankfully, I had a cup of coffee with me as I needed several stops to catch my breath and ponder why the bleep I’m doing this.

At times, the snow was up to my crotch and it was certainly arduous going. I was reminded of the importance of daily cardio as my endurance is not quite where I like it to be. (Soon to be rectified).

The garage was reached, shovels acquired and the return trip to the apartment entrance made along a slightly less exhausting route. Sidewalk and steps were cleared off and the coffee/couch karma resumed.

Shortly thereafter, I had the urge to do something fresh to share my coaching passion. A video popped into my mind. Not the first time I had done one, but definitely first time to Just Do It and go for it.

I collected enough gadgets to satisfy any nerd and made the trip up to the attic office space. Couple of quick notes on key points and the recording started. Made it through with one pass and didn’t feel I needed to edit it. (Little while earlier, I was having a major coughing spell and made it through the video with minimal disturbance. Check it out here.

Just MarkCoaching Vid

What a great mantra for every day: Just Do It.


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