Ascent 22 – Acknowledging Stubbornness

My first today revealed that I do indeed have a bit of a stubborn attitude on some things. Now, I’ve always been a loyal kind of guy to whatever I’m involved with. And, I definitely have tenacity and a space that I loved to call resolute. But, stubborn! Moi? That just didn’t register with me.


Ah, the power of semantics and how we can use those to embellish and justify our position & perspective.

Was chatting with a coach friend earlier and, in true coach fashion, she reflected back that I sounded like I was being stubborn. I had my initial wave of resistance and my instant thesaurus of synonyms to avoid THAT word. I felt the truth this time and I opted to let it stand. There are some things in my life where I am indeed stubborn. I will not deviate from things that are essential to me albeit knowing there are some areas where I can indeed loosen up is rather liberating.

So, I acknowledged it, cleared it and released it. If I feel it popping up again, I’ll repeat the process. Am feeling like it’s going to be a smoother flow from here.


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