Ascent 20 – Offering Yoga to the Sales Team

As the IT manager for APC Postal Logistics – a phenomenal company who offers substantial savings & convenience with international shipping ( – I was invited to participate in the annual Sales Team dinner. As I was requested to participate in an early morning meeting with the owners, I took a hotel room instead of making the trek back to Queens.

I love doing a yoga practice in my hotel room in the morning and I had an idea for tomorrow’s – invite the Sales Team to join me as I lead a 40 minute Hatha class. Which is also a first for me.

The dinner was fun as many of the reps approached me and asked if I was serious, how long have I been teaching yoga and why did I make it so early in the morning? It will be interesting to see how many show up. I can get 7 or 8 in the room comfortably. Any more and it would be more like partner yoga, which would get rather interesting.


At minimum, it’s maintaining my commitment to get on my mat daily. And, that is what is truly important. Namaste


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