Ascent 19 – Who Dares Wins

Today’s first was more attitudinal than anything else. This morning as I was pondering what my daily first was, Who Dares Wins popped into my mind.

This is the motto of the Special Air Service – Britain’s elite special forces regiment. Actually, the original. They began in World War II when groups of four soldiers piled in a Jeep and when deep into enemy territory to pull of daring missions. They had no backup and only the supplies & weapons they could carry – plus their ingenuity and courage. They became known as the Desert Rats.


The SAS was formed shortly thereafter and has since become legendary. They don’t get publicity and their exploits are very rarely heard about. The only one I can recall was the embassy rescue in London in 1980.

What does this have to do with me and my quest for daily firsts? Great questions, ask you, young Jedi.

I’m typically passive and non-reactive to things that occur on my journey. Today, I opted the Who Dares Wins spirit and simply committed to being more present and taking a stance on things that occurred. No, I didn’t blow anything up or break up a siege.

I did feel more empowered, more me and more engaged in my journey.


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