Ascent 18 – Planning a Round The World Trip

Today’s first is all about adventure. I’m a huge fan of Tim Ferriss and the Four Hour Work Week. Especially the portions about a mobile lifestyle and how viable it is to travel the world.

One of my Facebook posts today expressed the same sentiment – that a trip around the world is in order in 2016. I listed several countries that I intend to visit and several of my friends followed suit. I had never actually contemplated visiting them all in one journey, going from place to place, spending as much time as desired to embrace the place and truly get the experience.

On the way home, I invoked Siri via my car’s Bluetooth system and asked for the best way to plan a trip around the world. Several sites were brought up, which I saved for perusal when not driving.

I went to the first site on the list AirTreks. It was a 2 panel display, with the left being a map of the world and the right being your itinerary. It was a fun exercise entering the places, watching the red trip ribbon mark my personal journey across the globe and then price out the trip. Interestingly, it wasn’t that exorbitant and there will be ways to bring the cost down further. Oh what fun to dream and chart the course. And tweak it a few times.


World Trip

My World Trip Creation


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