Ascent 17 – Grilled Cheese a la Mark

My first today was the cooking of grilled cheese sandwiches. I’ve often been the recipient of these gooey delights albeit don’t recall actually being the creator.

Now, I’m a master of the traditional English cheese on toast (which actually more accurately constitutes grilled cheese). For this, you place bread under the broiler to toast one side. Then, turn it over and cover it with thick slices of aged English cheddar. Put back under the broiler until the cheese is bubbling then enjoy. Moaning is permitted.

For today’s creation, it was the traditional American pan-fried cheese sandwich. I defrosted a few slices of bread. Okay, 4 as it’s difficult to make sandwiches with an odd number of bread slices. Started melting some Olivio spread in the skillet as I prepped the sandwiches with soy cheddar slices.

Few minutes on each side, little loving pressure from the spatula and – voila! Another delicious first makes the blog-o-sphere.



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