Ascent 14 – Bergen Burgers

A culinary venture was my first for today. I have driven past Bergen Burger on Glen Rd in East Rutherford, NJ numerous times. As a burger afficianado, vowing to stop and visit there.


Today was the day. As I entered, I loved the ambiance of the place. It was empty except for 2 other diners yet still had a good feeling.

I asked the young man at the bar why they had no specials on the chalk board. He said because they were closing on Saturday and winding things down. Oh, the irony. My first and probably last at this establishment.


After brief perusal of the menu, I opted for the Italiano burger. 6 oz custom blended short rib brisket, chuck and pork, seasoned with Italian spices. And, an order of fries.

When I placed my order Charlie, the waiter, explained what my sandwich was about. And that it came with marinara sauce. Which, when poured on the sandwich was heaven on a bun.

My food arrived, and I was impressed. It just looked awesome. The plate was well presented. The burger compact and an exact fit for the bun. The fries were practically an art form. Perfectly cooked, not greasy at all and lightly salted. Probably, THE best fries I have ever had.


I poured the marinara sauce on the sandwich, added the tomato and onions, and admired this masterpiece before taking that first bite. It was amazing. Truly unique flavors, perfectly cooked, not too greasy. In short, it was burger heaven.

I enjoyed the rest of my meal and paid the check. Exalted over such a great find yet a little sad they won’t be there after this weekend.

Tip: If there is a local restaurant or business you love – do all you can to spread the word to help them survive & thrive. After all, it could be YOUR next burger.


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