Ascent 10 – Peculiar People Day

Today’s first was a fun venture. My friend Cindy had made me aware that there is a multitude of National and International Days on all kinds of activities/topics each day. Google ‘What is today’ and you’ll see what I mean.

From today’s offerings, I chose Peculiar People Day. Observing this was definitely a first for me.

I love people watching as they fascinate me, especially those with interesting mannerisms. I don’t actually label as that is getting into judgment. It’s simply a frame of reference to what one considers the norm that defines whether something is peculiar. After all, this is what makes us unique beings and adds to the vibrancy of life on this planet, right?

Photo (20)

Overall, it made me aware of my idiosyncrasies – those aspect of uniqueness that some love and others regards as … whatever they regard such things as. Regardless, I love my quirks and am committed to journeying full on as me and choosing whatever feels right to me in the moment.


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