Ascent 8 – A Day Without Sitting

For today’s first, I opted to go through a day without sitting. I confess the idea came to me while sitting with my morning coffee. Shortly after, I was on my feet. My meditation was performed standing and watching the rising sun, which was a first also – and a rather enjoyable experience. I did have to sit in my car, however, while I drove to the office.

Once there, it was game on – the chairs were pushed aside, keyboard and monitor elevated and my day without sitting had begun.

I’m not the first in the office to do this. A couple of other people had implemented standing desks already albeit they do alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. It was a first for me to go a full day without sitting down.

I did find it to be an interesting experience. It was rather energizing to be on my feet all day and it brought to my awareness how sitting for too long without moving can be detrimental. I was actually made aware of this last summer when I went for a hike upstate NY with my fellow yogis and my quads were screaming after a short ascent. This is going to shift.

I am definitely going to repeat this practice and I’m loving how rapidly some of these first experiences are appealing to my daily routine.


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