Ascent 5 – A Day Without Snacking

To many this doesn’t sound like a big deal. For me, it’s huge. I love to snack and my favorite comfort foods are salty snacks, like potato chips. If you really want to get on my good side, a bag of Jalapeno chips will usually do the trick.


I did go a bit overboard over the holidays (as testified by the conflict between my waistline and my pants). Now the holidays are over and the last stockpiles of cookies, chocolate, candies are being depleted, I’m settling back to normal routine.

There’s something therapeutic about munching. When I’m stuck on a problem, stepping away and popping open a salty bag of heaven just seemed to help get the cognitive process unstuck.


Today was different – the vending machine was not my ally, it was my adversary. I had to go past it a few times and did not pay it any attention. It was rather interesting being aware how prevalent a habit is by denying it. As I am committed to a healthier lifestyle (and buying pants a size smaller) I may just make this first a part of my daily routine.


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