Ascent 2 – Brooklyn

Today Sue & I made an impromptu viewing of Brooklyn. Not the Borough of Fuhgeddaboudit fame, but the movie.


We stopped by Northshore Towers – a self-contained retirement community for the well-to-do, that includes it’s own movie theater. And, Brooklyn was starting just as we checked in, so we grabbed a couple of tickets. There is something a tad amusing about being the youngest person in a movie theater at 54. It isn’t the first time I’ve been here albeit it is the first time to be impromptu – and to see Brooklyn.


The movie was about the journey of a young Irish lass who leaves her homeland to start a new life in 1950’s Brooklyn. I won’t say too much about the movie itself, as I don’t like being a spoiler to those who haven’t seen it yet.

In several ways, it reminded me of my own journey: Being an ocean away from home & loved ones. Being a stranger in a strange land. Not being present when a loved one passes. All things that millions have experienced who have emigrated to find a new life in a different country.

I loved the portrayal of the heart and spirit of the young lady as she dealt with her homesickness & family ties, while remaining steadfast in making the best of this new journey, always looking forward and choosing to focus on the life that was unfolding before her.

I enjoyed this movie and was reminded of how crucial it is to celebrate the loved ones we have in our lives, while claiming the journey that is ours and stepping out into the unknown with little more than faith & trust.


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