Ascent 1 – New Years Day Partial Polar Bear Plunge


Happy New Year, fellow journeyers! 2016 is going to be an amazing year and today is the official launch of my journey of firsts. Inspired by the book I Dare Me by LuAnn Cahn, and the blog of fellow journeyer Cindy Lauderdale Moore (who did a full year of firsts & daily blogs, I’m starting my own personal year of firsts.

I love New Years Day as it presents a blank canvas and a milestone to set intentions to direct your journey in the way that is most fulfilling for you. I had a few great experiences today: Mastermind session with fellow yogi, New Years Day brunch at a restaurant in the quaint town of Roslyn with Sue and her family.

I wanted something a little more auspicious for my first first. I was greatly inspired by the Polar Bear Plunge albeit I confess the idea of going whole body into the frigid water didn’t appeal to me. Soooo … I did the next best thing: A Partial Plunge.

After dinner, we headed toward Sea Cliff NY and pulled in at the first beach. As we sat on the park bench, looking at the water and the reflection of the setting sun, I decided to go for it. I popped off my shoes and socks, rolled up my pants and stepped out on the cold sand. It wasn’t far to the water and I stepped straight in. And, it was bloody cold! I stood there long enough for Sue to take a picture then headed back to the bench. An elderly couple in their car were grinning at me and giving me thumbs ups.



I brushed the sand off and got my feet back in socks and shoes ASAP. And, I was totally exhilarated!


I think this year of firsts is going to be rather amazing.


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